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Bishopsgate Chess Club Membership

We are delighted to announce chess club is continuing  over the board (OTB) in the Lent term 2023 for all Bishopsgate pupils FROM YEAR 1 through to YEAR 8.  Complete the form below and click <Submit> and use the PayPal payment option lower down this page to pay their chess club membership fees.

Years 1 & 2 and Years 3 & 4 chess clubs take place Tuesdays after school.

Years 5 – 8 chess club takes place Thursdays after school.

All three clubs will run for ten sessions at the early bird rate of £10.25 per session.

Weeks commencing:

January 2023; 9, 16, 23, 30.

February 2023; 6, 20, 27.

March 2023; 6, 13, 20.

Chess club membership fees are due for the whole term at the start of term and for 10 lessons at £10.25 per lesson is £102.50 for the Lent term 2023.

Terms and Conditions

To apply, complete your details below, click <SEND> and a confirmation text message will appear then make your payment using the PayPal payment button at the bottom of this page:

Please note the early bird period ends at the start of half term, 10th February 2023. Payments received after this date may receive a late payment charge of £20 at the discretion of the organisers.

Ensure you have clicked <SEND> above so we receive your details. A confirmation text message will appear when you have sent us the form.

Thank you!  Now make your payment using the PayPal payment button below:

Bishopsgate School OTB Chess Club Membership Lent Term 2023

Membership fees for ten OTB lessons in school during the Lent term 2023 for all members of any Bishopsgate School Chess Club from week commencing 9th January 2023. Early bird rate.


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