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Wey Valley U9 Squad 2019

We are thrilled to announce our team came third in our zone after a tense first two rounds to pull it all back in the third round to win 11 out of 12 matches and finish only half point behind second place and therefore qualified for the final.  The final is to take place at Nottingham High School, Nottingham, NG7 4ED Saturday 27 April 2019.  For the final we will be keeping the same team based not only on the scores made in the zone but also on our observations about the quality of play of the team members, but not necessarily in the same order.  IM Mike Basman is still looking at the Under 9 zone games and will notify me of the final board order soon.

U9 zone 3rd 2019U9 zone with MB and EJBP 2019

Click here for the Information for the EPSCA U9 Final 2019 which gives details for the day.

We are delighted to announce the Wey Valley 2019 under 9 team and board order for the EPSCA U9       Click Here for WV Team Selection for EPSCA Zone 2019       Southern Zone competition to be held on Saturday, 16th March 2019 at Peasedown St John Primary School, Bath Road, Peasedown St John, Bath, Somerset BA2 8DH. 

Our coach on the day of the event is Mr Michael Basman (International Chess Master) and he has spent some time assessing all our players’ strengths with me in order to come up with a board order which we hope will give the team the best chance of qualifying for the final.  Published grades are important, but our assessment is more up to date.

Click Here for a letter from EPSCA(1)2019 which gives the timetable for the day,   Click Here for EPSCA Guidance when Digital Clocks with increments are not being used 2018 and EPSCA Tournament Rules 2018.

We now have great pleasure in announcing this season’s U9 squad for entry into the English Primary Schools’ Chess Association’s (EPSCA) 43rd Under 9 Inter-Association Championship 2019.  This year we have many very promising under 9s so have decided as there is such a large squad, we will divide it into squads A and B:

Click here for the U9 squad list.

The reason behind squad B is to highlight some of the players who could benefit most from another chance to demonstrate their chess talents to the team selectors by playing in the Ramsay Cups U9 Championship this February.  A good performance at the Ramsay Cups could win them a place in the travelling 16 player team.  Obviously, we ask all children in the squads (A & B) lists to play in the Ramsay Cups to aid selection and board order.

We have a team playing in the Under 9 Team Event:  Saturday 9 February 2019

Click Here for the Wey Valley Team List for 9 Feb 2019

 Time & Rounds         Start 2.00 p.m.            Finish about 5.30 p.m.            Three Rounds

Venue             Orleans Park School, Richmond Road, Twickenham. TW1 3BB

Parking          There are about 80 parking spaces onsite.  Best to arrive early to guarantee a place.

Players           Teams are to consist of 12 players under the age of 9 on 31 August 2018.  Second teams are also invited, maximum of 12 teams can be accommodated.

Reserves         There will also be a reserves competition.  If possible, please bring four reserves, who will play in a competition with the same move rate as the main competition. Before the day please let me know how many reserves you will be bringing.

Format           Jamboree pairings will be used with 25 minutes for each player for all moves plus 10 seconds per move from the start.  The second round will start at about 3.20 p.m., and the third round at about 4.30 p.m.  EPSCA rules will apply.

Grading          The results will be sent for ECF Rapid Play Grading.  Please encourage all your players to be ECF members.  Any grading fee for players who are not ECF members will be paid out of the team entry fee.

Tidy Rooms   Each team must appoint a Room Steward, who must make sure that the team rooms are kept clean and tidy.

Refreshments        Refreshments will be provided by La Baguetterie of York Street, Twickenham.

Book Stall      A chess book stall may be arranged.  This is to be confirmed.

Prizes              Trophies and medals will be provided for the first three teams and their players.

Organiser        Nigel Dennis

Ramsay Cup Under 9 Championship

The Ramsay Cup Under 9 Championship will be held on 24 February at Therfield School, Dilston Road, Leatherhead, KT22 7NZPlease Click Here for the entry form with details on how to apply, etc.

Following the Ramsay Cups tournament, we will analyse the results and review the squads then from our findings select 20 players (16 travelling players plus 4 non-travelling reserves) to represent Surrey in the Southern Zone competition (date, etc. can be found later in this letter).

To summarise, are you available to play in the following events:

  • Under 9 Team Event Saturday 9 February 2019  (optional)
  • Ramsay Cup Championships 24 February 2019 (optional)
  • EPSCA events:
    • U9 Zone Saturday 16 March (necessary to accept your squad place)
    • U9 Final Saturday 27 April (necessary to accept your squad place)

You need to complete the form below and submit it to accept or decline your place in the squad.



Thank you!

Please note, no money is needed as yet for the EPSCA events:

We are delighted to inform you that everyone listed in the squads  (Click here for squad list) has earned the right to wear a coveted Wey Valley t-shirt and / or sweat shirt, Therefore, please find below an order form.  Your purchase of a Wey Valley t-shirt and / or sweat shirt will not affect the likelihood of you being selected to play in the travelling team but is a privilege only available to squad members.  The honour to wear the t-shirt and / or sweat shirt is in recognition of all your hard work and chess achievements.  This is your only opportunity to order a t-shirt and / or sweat shirt this year as they are specially printed and there is a minimum quantity order.  We must receive your order and payment by 7th February to receive the shirts in time for the zone match, March 16th.

Please note: If you are selected and accept your place in the team you will be able to collect your order at the zone event upon arrival.  If you are not selected or unable to accept but would still like to purchase an item, then it can be sent out to you by Royal Mail which will incur an extra delivery charge of £6.

Please complete the form below and submit it by 7 February to order a shirt:



Thank you! Now make your payment using the payment button(s) below if you wish to buy a shirt(s) by 7 February:



Children’s Wey Valley – Surrey T-Shirts £10 each

You are paying for a coveted Wey Valley children’s t-shirt. Please select the number you are paying for in the box below. COLOUR: Burgundy with Wey Valley Chess, Surrey logo in pale blue




Children’s Wey Valley – Surrey Sweatshirts £15 each

You are paying for a coveted Wey Valley children’s sweatshirt. Please select the number you are paying for in the box below. Crew neck, raglan sleeved acrylic fleece sweatshirts. COLOUR:  Maroon with Wey Valley Chess, Surrey logo in pale blue.




Adults’ Wey Valley – Surrey T-shirts £14.40 (incl VAT) each

You are paying for a coveted Wey Valley adult’s t-shirt. Please select the number you are paying for in the box below. COLOUR: Burgundy with Wey Valley Chess, Surrey logo in pale blue.




Adults’ Wey Valley – Surrey Sweatshirts £21.60 (incl VAT) each

You are paying for a coveted Wey Valley adults' sweatshirt. Please select the number you are paying for in the box below. Crew neck, raglan sleeved acrylic fleece sweatshirts. COLOUR:  Maroon with Wey Valley Chess, Surrey logo in pale blue.


In the EPSCA Inter-Area Competitions, the playing team is 12 boards plus 4 travelling (and playing) reserves making a total of 16 players needed to travel to the two events, the Southern Zone then (if we qualify) the National Final. When we select the playing team and decide on the final board order we bear in mind the following elements because they are all important aspects which also need considering, they are: Playing style, recording of moves and general attitude to the game and to coaching advice. Grades are also used, but only as a guide since some new and / or strong players with quality elements may not (yet) have a solid grade.  Grades, therefore, are not the most important factor because EPSCA matches are long, 1 hour 20 minutes requiring also stamina and perseverance.

The EPSCA Format.

The EPSCA U9 team competition is in two parts:

The Southern Zone to be held on Saturday, 16 March 2019 in Somerset at Peasedown St John Primary School, Bath Road, Peasedown St John, Bath, Somerset BA2 8DH.  

Then, if we qualify, the National Final to be held on Saturday 27 April 2019 in Nottinghamshire at Nottingham High School, Nottingham NG7 4ED.

If you are invited to play, a board fee of £21 (which covers both stages of the competition) will be requested.

Shortly after the Ramsay Cups we will email you the board order and a link to the Wey Valley U9 Team page where a PayPal button will be set up for you to make your payment for the board fee if you have made the travelling team.

Accepting your place in the squad commits you to playing in both the zone and the final (if you are selected).  The board fee covers administrative expenses, team officials’ travel costs and a contribution to the coaches’ fees on the day of the event.  We will email you more details of the event, plus round times etc., when we send you the final board order.

In Summary, what we need you to please do NOW:

  • Complete the form either accepting (or declining) your place in the squad if you are selected for the playing team you will be contacted at a later date following the Ramsay Cups.
  • Complete the form to order your t-shirt(s) and/or sweatshirt(s) if you want to place an order and make your PayPal payment(s) by 7 February.

Yours faithfully

E-J Billington-Phillips (Mrs)

P.S. Please ensure you submit the form at the top whether you are accepting or declining the offer of a place.  If you cannot accept your place, it is important that we know this as soon as possible so that someone else can be offered the opportunity.  If you accept your place, you are also declaring you are available to play in both the zone (16 March) and the final (27 April).

P.P.S. If we do not receive both your order form and payment for t-shirt(s)/ sweat shirt(s) by 7 February you will not be able to order one this year.

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