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Christmas FIDE Rapid Play 2022 – a London Junior Chess Championships Qualifying Event

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Date: Sunday 11 December 2022

Venue: Therfield School, Dilston Road, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 7NZ

This is your opportunity to qualify for the London Junior Chess Championships which are held in December and more information can be found here:


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Sections: (Ages calculated using the applicant’s age as at midnight 31 August 2022).

There are three London Junior Chess Championships Qualifying Events (LJCCQ) and one event for over 12s up to 2000 ECF:

  • Major – U2000 ECF – £155 Prize Fund!!
  • LJCCQ UNDER 12 (Incl. U11)      
  • LJCCQ UNDER 10 (Incl. U9)        
  • LJCCQ UNDER 8 (Incl. U7, U6, etc.)

Attention Parents:    Can you help?

If you can volunteer to help in the playing hall during play on the day then please email us at , one does not need any specific chess knowledge for this as an arbiter will be there, one will only need to take results of a section.

How to Qualify for The London Junior Chess Championships:

At this Wey Valley qualifying tournament, you will play six games during the day and no one will get knocked out.

Under 8 – 4 points or more out of 6 qualifies for the final: 29-30 December.
Under 10 Major – 4.5 points or more out of 6 qualifies for the final: 17-18 December.
Under 10 Minor – 3.5 or 4 points out of 6 qualifies for the final: 17-18 December.
Under 12 Major – 4.5 points or more out of 6 qualifies for the final: 28-30 December.
Under 12 Minor – 3.5 or 4 points out of 6 qualifies for the final: 28-30 December.

U14 – no qualification needed (Final 17-18 December).

U18 – no qualification needed (Final 28-30 December).

Players who qualify for a Major event may not play in the corresponding Minor event.


  • LJCCQ sections:
    • The winner of each section will receive a Champions Rosette or trophy.
    • Runners-up who score 3.5 or more points out of 6 will win a rosette or a medal.
    • Every competitor will receive a special London Junior Chess certificate of participation.
  • Major section:
    • £155 Prize fund:
      • Winner £100
      • Runner-up £40
      • 3rd place £15


Please note: No entries will be accepted on the day!

Arrival From  09:30
Round 110:00
Round 211:30
Round 313:00
Round 414:15
Round 515:30
Round 617:00
Prize Giving (Approx.)18:20

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In all sections players will be paired using Swiss-Manager. Pairings will be posted at well as at the venue.

No discussion will be entered into concerning the pairings.

Nobody gets knocked out and players are expected to play all six rounds.  If a player needs to leave early, please inform the controllers prior to leaving or upon your arrival if possible.


1 point for a win, ½ for a draw or 0 for a loss.

Time Control:

In all sections there will be 6 rounds played with digital clocks on all boards.  Clocks will be at a rate of all moves in 20 minutes plus 10 second increments per move per player.


All games in all sections will be sent to both FIDE and the ECF for rating.  It is a condition of entry that players agree to their rating information being published. You can find out more about the ECF here. The ECF website also contains information about the rating system.

How to Enter:

Click below to go to another page where you need to complete your details and make your payment:

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Entry Fee:

Please see the table below:

RateECF MemberNon ECF Member/ Bronze ECF Member
Early Bird£27.50£30
Late Entry£32.50£35
Late Late Entry£37.50£40
  • ‘Early Bird’ rate applies up to Thursday 8 December 2022.
  • ‘Late Entry’ rate applies from Friday 9 December 2022.
  • ‘Late Late Entry’ rate applies from 18:00 to midnight Saturday 10 December 2022
  • No entries accepted on the day of the event!
  • Parents, guardians or family members who are not playing are welcome free of charge, but please only one adult/ carer per entrant.

How to Join the ECF or Upgrade a Bronze Membership :

If you and/ or your child(ren) would like to become an ECF member or upgrade a bronze membership, please use the link below.  Juniors who have not previously been an ECF member, get their first year free:

Terms and Conditions:

It is a condition of entry that players agree to the chess entries for all terms and conditions, which can be found here


Unfortunately there will not be any refreshments available at the venue, however, there is a shop and café a short 5 minute walk away. Alternatively, you may bring a packed lunch, but please ensure you keep food out of the classrooms and playing hall and do not bring any NUTs onto the premises.

Parking and Other Travel:

Parking is in a large car park at the front of the school.

Arbiters Decisions:

All arbiters’ decisions are binding and final.  Players must reconcile any disagreements before leaving the tournament hall either with their opponent or by calling the arbiter. If a player is causing a distraction then one must stop their clock and inform the arbiter.

Parent/ Guardian Rooms:

Will be available for parents and players who have finished their games to wait.  Entrance is not permitted in the playing hall during round times.

Disclaimer and Parent Responsibility:

The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, theft, damage, accident or children during the tournament.  Organisers will act in loco parentis providing supervision only in the chess playing hall while chess is in play.  Parents are responsible for their children throughout the whole tournament and must be on site at all times in case of emergency or other requirement.


A player may withdraw at any point up to the closing of early bird entries, Thursday 8 December, subject to a £7 administration fee. Withdrawal subsequent to this date forfeits the full entry fee.

FIDE Laws of Chess

We will be following the FIDE Laws of Chess with few exceptions which have been outlined in the two documents below:

For Information and Queries Contact:

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