Surrey Last Chance Saloon and 11th West Surrey Chess Championships 2020

We would like to thank you all for your patience, understanding and support in dealing with the unprecedented challenges and uncertainty caused by the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Presently, we do not know when we will get back to normal so until then we are unable to book any events.  

Therefore, both the Last Chance Saloon and 11th West Surrey Championships have been postponed until further notice.  Currently we are hoping to hold them beginning of September as the Delancey UK Chess Challenge Megafinals have all been postponed to sometime in September we hope to hold the Last Chance Saloon ahead of the Megafinals.

We will let you know as soon as we have any updates for you.  In the meantime please take care, continue to follow the government guidelines and look after yourselves and your families. We know that we will come out of this situation stronger and better than before and look forward to when we can continue our clubs in schools, when it’s safe to do so, and welcome you back.

How to Enter

Enter here

You will be redirected to another website to apply and make your payment:

Have you not qualified for the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge Megafinal?  Would you like practise for the Megafinal?  If so, this is the tournament for you!

Events running: There are two events:

  1. Last Chance Saloon for any under 11 and younger players who have not and would like to qualify for the Delancey UK Chess Challenge 2020 (UKCC).
  2. 11th West Surrey Championships for all players of any age of ability who do not need or want to qualify for the UKCC.

Sections: In both events, sections will be merged if numbers are small.

Last Chance Saloon (LCS): Those who have not yet qualified and are eligible to try and qualify for the Megafinal stage there are two sections:

  • Under 9 (includes U8, U7, etc.)
    • Although there will only be one section winner, the top U9 girl, top U9 boy, top U8 girl, top U8 boy, top U7 girl, top U7 boy, etc. will all qualify for the Megafinal along with anybody who reached 15 points or more.
  • Under 11 (includes U10)
    • Although there will only be one section winner, the top U11 girl, top U11 boy, top U10 girl and top U10 boy will all qualify for the Megafinal along with anybody who reached 15 points or more.

Ages are to be calculated according to the age the entrant was 1/9/2019 i.e. if they are 9 now having had their birthday recently, but were still 8 on 1/9/2019 then they would be an U9 player and should enter that section.

Please note: If you are over 11 (under 12/ year 7 or older) you do not need to qualify for and may just enter any of the Megafinal on their website (link at the bottom of this page).

11th West Surrey Championships: For everybody else of all ages and abilities there are four sections:

  • Open               (U170 ECF)
  • Major              (80-120 ECF)
  • Intermediate (55-80 ECF)
  • Minor              (U55 ECF)


In all sections in both events there will be a trophy for the winner and either medals or rosettes for runners up who score over 50% except in the Open section where there will be prize money; 1st £80, 2nd £30 3rd £10.


In all sections of both events players will be paired using Swiss-Manager.   Pairings will be posted at as well as at the venue.

No discussion will be entered into concerning the pairings.

Make Your Payment:

Pay the entry fee as directed when you apply.

Entry Fee:

Please see the table below:

Rate ECF i Member Non ECF i Member
Early Bird ii £20 £27
Late Entry iii £25 £32
On the Day Entry £35 CASH ONLY £42  CASH ONLY

i ECF (English Chess Federation) is the governing chess organisation in England.  If you or your child(ren) would like to become an ECF member, then use the link below.               Juniors who have not previously been an ECF member, get their first year free:                                                                       

ii Early Bird Rate applies up to and including TBC 2020.

iii Late Entry Rate applies from TBC 2020.

  • Parents, guardians or family members who are not playing are welcome free of charge.

For Information and Queries Please Contact:

Venue: TBA



Please note: If you are planning to enter on the day and you arrive after 9.35 am, then you risk not be able to play the first round with a half point bye (2 points in the LCS) awarded only at the discretion of the chief arbiter which is dependent upon your time of arrival.

Arrival From 09:15
On the Day Entries 09:35
Round 1 10:00
Round 2 11:00
Round 3 12:00
Round 4 12:50
Round 5 13:40
Round 6 14:30
Round 7 15:20
Prize Giving (Approx.) 16:25

Click here to download the tournament leaflet

The Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge is an annual chess competition in its 25th year.  It has age groups from under 7 (younger players are welcome) through to under 18.

Last year over 40,000 challengers took part in the first stage, the schools/ clubs stage all trying to get through to the second stage, the Megafinals.

The top girl(s) and boy(s) in each age group (7,000 pupils) progress to the 53 regional Megafinals which take place from April to June.  From here the best players around 2,800 of them, progress to one of the four Gigafinals in July.  Then children either qualify for one of 2 Challengers events (about 500) with a last chance to qualify for the final stage or the Terafinal.  Finally, 200 of the UK’s strongest players progress to the National Terafinal in September with Live streaming chess boards and GM commentary!

How to Qualify for The Megafinal Stage:

Anybody aged over 11 (U12, Year 7 and older) do not need to qualify for the Megafinal Stage, they can just enter online.  All younger age groups (U7 through to U11) need to qualify by participating in the first stage either in their school club or at one of the Last Chance Saloon events like this one.  Anybody scoring 15 points or more or becoming the top girl or boy in their age group qualifies.

For Further Information and Megafinal details click on the link below:


There may be a burger van available at the venue, but this is to be confirmed.

Dining Room(s):

Will be available for parents and players who have finished their games to wait.  Entrance is not permitted in the playing hall during round times.


Last Chance Saloon sections:

3 points for a win, 2 for a draw or 1 for a loss.

11th West Surrey Championships sections:

1 point for a win, ½ for a draw or 0 for a loss.

Nobody gets knocked out and players are expected to play all rounds.  If a player needs to leave early, please inform the controllers prior to leaving or upon your arrival if possible.

Time Control:

In all sections of both events, there will be 7 rounds played with clocks on all boards.  Clocks will be at a rate of all moves in 15 minutes plus 10 second increments per move per player.


All games in all sections will be sent to the ECF for grading.  It is a condition of entry that players agree to their grading information being published by the ECF (English Chess Federation). This information (Grading Reference Number, Name, Club(s), Grade(s), Grading Category) is published as part of the Grading list on the ECF website. If you wish to have these details withheld from the website version of the Grading List please contact the  ECF. The ECF website also contains information about the grading system.

Parking and Other Travel:

Free parking is in two large car parks please do not come in by the main gates, there is only a tiny car park there. Parking signs will be put out to direct parents to the back of the school where there is a good size car park. There is also a car park entrance opposite the village pub ‘The Cider House.’

Arbiters Decisions:

All arbiters’ decisions are binding and final.  Players must reconcile any disagreements before leaving the tournament hall. 

Disclaimer and Parent Responsibility:

The organisers accept no responsibility for any loss, theft, damage, accident or children during the tournament.  Organisers will act in loco parentis in the chess playing hall while chess is in play.  Parents are responsible for their children throughout the whole tournament and must be on site at all times in case of emergency or other requirement.


A player may withdraw at any point up to the closing of early bird entries, Tuesday 24th March, subject to a £6 administration fee.  Withdrawal subsequent to this date forfeits the full entry fee.


The weather may not be good, so bring along a quiet desk top game/ book you can play/ read between rounds in case it is impossible to go outside.  Muddy feet risk default!

Terms and Conditions:

It is a condition of entry that players agree to the Chess Entries for’s terms and conditions, which can be found here.  Please note one’s payment to enter the Last Chance Saloon or 11th West Surrey Championships 2020 will be taken as one’s agreement to the Chess Entries for’s terms and conditions.