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Online Private One-to-One Lessons

We hope you have all been keeping well and managed to find ways to entertain yourselves during this period of lockdown and for those of you who are key-workers our heartfelt thanks for all you have and continue to do for the Nation.  I am sure you will agree we all find ourselves wishing to resume normality without any idea of when or even if that will be possible.

We are hoping to help a little by offering private, interactive, online, one-to-one chess sessions to any children who may be interested.

As safeguarding children is our highest priority, we have carefully evaluated which online chess tools to use for our online clubs.

Online club matches will be on, a platform designed with children and safeguarding in mind.

Video instruction sessions will be held on Zoom. We are aware that safety concerns have been raised with regards to Zoom. We will be applying stringent safety precautions to avoid issues such as ‘zoombombing’ by trolls. Nevertheless, we will require an adult to remain in the same room as any child using zoom at all times.

We have also:

  • an Acceptable Use Agreement for parents to go through with children
  • a video of our expectations to watch
  • a Parent safeguarding form for parents and children to sign to confirm they have read/ watched the above and give permission for their child to take part in online lessons

If you are interested we would like to hear from you so please complete the form below then a member of our admin team will get back to you within 7 days with more information and prices:

Remember to click <Submit> above or we will not receive your details.

Many Thanks.

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