Cleves Intermediate Chess Club Membership

Fantastic news: Chess Club Will resume over the board (OTB) in school again from the summer term 2021. Places are limited and we currently have 5 spaces remaining.  

If you would like to continue or join chess club online in the summer term 2021, please complete the form below and make your payment using the PayPal link located lower down this page to book your child’s place. Please note if your child misses any sessions due to illness we cannot refund these.  

Online Chess Club will be held every Friday from 3.20pm to 4.40pm on the following eleven dates at the early bird rate of £8.50 per session:

  • First session: 23rd April 2021.

Further Sessions:

  • April 2021; 30.
  • May 2021; 7, 14, 21, 28.
  • June 2021; 11, 18, 25.
  • July 2021; 2, 9.
  • Final Session: 9th July 2021.

Please Note: There is no Session 4 June 2021 as it is half term.

New COVID-19 Safety Measures which must be strictly adhered to if chess club is to continue:

  • The chess room is the classroom located at the front of the sports halls building.
  • Children to walk directly to chess club once dismissed from their class – no wandering off or ‘hanging around’.
  • Year 3 members MUST wait in their classroom to be collected by a member of staff and delivered to the chess room during April 2021.
  • GAP staff will deliver and collect any pupils that attend the chess club so pupils must register with them first before coming to chess club with a GAP member of staff.
  • Children MUST enter the chess room though the foyer using only the front entrance to the building as other entrances and exits are reserved specifically for other clubs.
  • When entering the club, please queue in a socially distanced manor.
  • Each child will be given hand sanitiser by Mrs Billington-Phillips for cleaning their hands upon entry.
  • Once hands are sanitised children to be directed to their seat by Mrs Billington-Phillips.
  • Children to keep all bags and belongings with them at their seat.
  • Children to not get up from their seat to wander around the room or view their chess board from a different angle.
  • If children need the toilet, they should raise their hand and are to use the sports hall toilets which will be shared with the karate club so please keep your distance. 
  • Only one child allowed to the toilet at a time.
  • Upon returning from the W.C. children will be given more sanitiser for their hands by Mrs Billington-Phillips before entering the chess room.


  • Parents please ensure you DO NOT ENTER THE SCHOOL SITE UNTIL 4.35 PM.
  • Parents MUST wear a mask while on the school site.
  • Parents to come onsite via the main Reception gate (entrance 4).
  • Parents are to WAIT OUTSIDE the entrance to the foyer at the front of the sports halls building while social distancing.
  • At no time are parents allowed to enter the sports hall foyer.
  • Please ensure you and your child(ren) social distance from others upon arrival and departure.
  • Children will be given hand sanitiser by Mrs Billington-Phillips for cleaning their hands upon departure of the chess room.
  • Children will be queuing in the foyer with Mrs Billington-Phillips who will dismiss the children one at a time once their parent can be seen.

Payment for memberships are due for the whole term (£8.50 x 11 = £93.50), in full by 30 April 2021:

  • Please note the early bird rate is only available until 30 April 2021. Payments received after this date receive a late payment charge of £20 at the discretion of the organisers.
  • Your child’s chess club membership will continue indefinitely term by term until you inform us if he/she wishes to cancel their membership.  In order to cancel membership, we need a half term’s written notice and an email to

Please complete the form below to apply. When completing the form remember to click <Send> as this will complete your child’s registration for a place in the chess club.

Please complete your payment using PayPal as below:

Cleves Intermediate Chess Club Summer Term 2021

Cleves Intermediate Chess Club Payment for Summer Term 2021 – 11 Weeks. Early Bird Rate.


Terms & Conditions

Kind regards

E-J Billington-Phillips (Mrs)

Socially distanced chess club with prize winners displaying their award.