Tormead Junior School Chess Clubs

We are delighted to announce that after a year chess clubs will return to Tormead Junior School  in the summer term 2021.  If your daughter would like to renew or start chess club membership please apply as soon as possible because places are limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have made some small alterations to how the clubs run to avoid cross year group mixing so there is one club per year group.  The first session will be this term followed by ten weeks in the summer term.

New COVID-19 Safety Measures which must be strictly adhered to:

  • Each chess club will take place in one of the classrooms for their year group.
  • Girls must not sit face to face with anybody else.
  • Chess can only be played only on iPads, therefore:
    • Years 5 and 6 MUST bring their iPad to chess club every week.
    • Years 2 – 4 will have their lesson on the interactive whiteboard and have the option to play a paired game with their opponent at home over the week.
    • Mrs Billington-Phillips will help all girls in all years understand how to use the various chess applications needed for chess club.
  • Girls to not get up from their seat to wander around the room at all.
  • If anybody needs the toilet, they should raise their hand and are to use the toilet in the hall which is a shared toilet so please keep your distance and ensure you thoroughly wash your hands afterwards.
  • Only one girl allowed to the toilet at a time.
  • Each club will be run according to year group with each having their own session as follows:
    • Year 6 – Wednesday morning break from 10.30am to 10.55am in a year 6 classroom.
    • Year5 – Thursday lunch break from 12.30pm – 12.55pm in a year 5 classroom.
    • Year 4 – Friday morning break from 10.30am to 10.55amin a year 4 classroom.
    • Year 3 – Friday lunch break from 12.30pm – 12.55pm in a year 3 classroom.
    • Year 2 – Thursday morning break from 10.30am to 10.55am in the year 2 classroom.
    • Please arrive promptly to the chess club room, if your club is at lunchtime please ask to go to the front of the lunch queue.

Summer Term 2021 Session Dates:

  1. Week commencing April 19th.
  2. Week commencing April 26th.
  3. Week commencing May 3rd.
  4. Week commencing May 10th.
  5. Week commencing May 17th.
  6. Week commencing May 24th.
  7. Week commencing June 7th.
  8. Week commencing June 14th.
  9. Week commencing June 21st.
  10. Week commencing June 28th.

Please note: There are no sessions week commencing May 31st  as it is half term.

Terms and Conditions

Your daughter’s chess club membership will continue indefinitely term by term until you inform us if she wishes to cancel her membership.  In order to cancel her membership we need a half term’s written notice and an email to is sufficient.

To apply, complete your details below and click submit then make your payment using the correct payment button:

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Thank you!  Now make your payment using the correct payment button below:

Please note the early bird rate is only available until 30 April 2021.  Payments received after this date may receive a late payment charge of £20 at the discretion of the organisers.

Tormead Junior School Chess Club Summer Term 2021

Tormead Junior School Chess Club Membership fees for ten weeks in summer term 2021. Early Bird Rate.


Kind regards

E-J Billington-Phillips (Mrs)